Hi! I'm Adam Sun.

I'm a junior at Stanford University studying computer science. I'm interested in artificial intelligence research, particularly computer vision for scene understanding and medical applications. I'm passionate about finding new ways to use AI to benefit humanity.

At Stanford, I'm a student researcher at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL), where I am fortunate to work with Professors Fei-Fei Li and Ehsan Adeli at the Partnership in AI-Assisted Care. In my work there, I've recently published a paper to ICCV 2023 on rendering humans from object-occluded monocular videos using neural radiance fields. I'm also one of the head TA/Course Organizers for Stanford's CS21SI (AI for Social Good).

When I'm not in class, you can probably find me beatboxing with my a cappella group, sampling the local food scene, or biking aimlessly around campus.

My resume is here. You can also reach me at adsun@stanford.edu.


Stanford University

Sep 2021 - June 2025 (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

B.S. Computer Science, AI track (Advised by Ron Fedkiw)

Clubs: Stanford O-Tone East Asian A Cappella (Vocal Percussionist), CS + Social Good (AI + Social Good Team Lead)

Relevant Coursework: Vision (CS 231N), NLP (CS 224N), AI Principles (CS 221), AI for Biomedical Imaging (CS 235), Systems I/II (CS 107/111), Algorithms (CS 161), Linear Algebra/Multivariable Calculus (MATH 51, CS 205L), Probability (CS 109), Graphics (CS 148), Information Theory (ENGR 76)

Planned Coursework: Decision Making Under Uncertainty (CS 238), Real Analysis (MATH 115), Applied Number Theory (MATH 110)

Work Experience

A list of the things I've done and places I've been.

Stanford Vision Lab

Sep 2022 - Present

I work with Professors Fei-Fei Li and Ehsan Adeli on 3D vision and multimodal learning research for applications in the ICU.

Ford Motor Company

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

I processed vehicle sensor data into trajectories and implemented a model for vehicle trajectory prediction.


Jun 2023 - Sep 2023

I designed deep learning models that could diagnose breast cancer from digital breast tomosynthesis images with high accuracy.

MeeGo Education

Jun 2021 - Sep 2021

I designed and taught a 10-week online deep learning course for high school students during the COVID pandemic.


Here's a list of my publications. Stay tuned!


Here you'll find some of the projects I've worked on, mostly class projects.